How to Enable Google Docs Dark Mode


Matthew Burleigh

To enable dark mode in Google Docs, ensure your app is updated. Open the app, click on the “hamburger” icon, tap “Settings”, then select “Theme” or “Choose theme” and choose “Dark”. Desktop users can use browser extensions for a similar effect.

The brilliance of screens can sometimes be, well, too brilliant. Don’t you just wish you could switch to a cozier, darker view? Especially when working late into the night or in dim settings? Thankfully, if you’re a Google Docs user, there’s a solution. Enter: the Dark Mode. Now, let’s dive into the simple steps to turn your Google Docs interface from bright to dark.

The Magic of Dark Mode

Why It’s Gaining Popularity: Ever noticed how staring at your screen for too long strains your eyes? It’s like gazing at the sun on a clear day. Not so fun, right? That’s where dark mode swoops in like a superhero. With its darker shades, it reduces the brightness of your screen, giving your eyes a much-needed respite.

The Science Behind It: It’s not just about comfort, though. Studies have shown that bright screens, especially in darker surroundings, can affect our sleep quality. So, if you’re burning the midnight oil on Google Docs, dark mode might just help you catch those elusive Z’s later on.

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Turning on the Dark Mode in Google Docs: Step-by-Step

  1. Begin With the Basics: First, make sure your Google Docs app is updated. No use trying to turn on a feature that isn’t there!
  2. Enter the App: Open Google Docs on your smartphone or tablet. Yes, as of my last update, the official dark mode is primarily on mobile devices.
  3. Venture Into Settings: Click on the three horizontal lines (often called the “hamburger” icon, but sadly, it’s not edible). From there, tap on “Settings.”
  4. The Final Frontier: Within Settings, you’ll see a “Theme” or “Choose theme” option. Tap on it, and select “Dark.” Voila! You’ve just activated the dark mode.

But What About Desktop Users?

Feeling left in the dark because you use Google Docs on your desktop? Worry not! While there’s no official dark mode yet, there are browser extensions and themes that can provide a similar effect. Not quite the same, but a good placeholder till Google blesses us with an official version.

Pros of Google Docs Dark Mode

  1. Eye Comfort: Less strain means happier eyes.
  2. Battery Saving: On some devices, using dark mode can save battery life. Who doesn’t want a longer-lasting battery?
  3. Sleep Improvement: With less blue light exposure in the night, your sleep cycle might just thank you.

Cons of Google Docs Dark Mode

  1. Not for Everyone: Some people find dark mode disorienting or harder to read.
  2. Limited Accessibility: As of now, it’s primarily available for mobile users.
  3. Color Distortion: Dark mode might slightly alter how certain colors appear on your document.

Additional Information

Alternatives to Google’s Dark Mode: There are third-party apps and extensions available for users who can’t access Google’s official dark mode. Some of these tools even allow for customization, letting you choose the exact shade of darkness you want.

When to Use Dark Mode: It’s not always about night and day. If you’re in a setting with dim ambient light, switching to dark mode can make for a more comfortable reading and editing experience.


Embracing the dark side has never been easier. Whether you’re trying to save your battery, protect your eyes, or just love the aesthetic, Google Docs dark mode is here to transform your document-editing experience. Happy writing, and may your docs be ever in the dark mode!


  1. Is Google Docs dark mode available on all devices? No, it’s primarily available on mobile devices.
  2. Does dark mode save battery life? Yes, on certain devices, using dark mode can extend battery life.
  3. Can I use dark mode on desktop? While there’s no official dark mode for desktop, there are browser extensions that mimic this feature.
  4. Does dark mode change the look of my document? No, it changes the interface and background, not the actual content of your document.
  5. Are there alternatives to Google’s dark mode? Yes, third-party apps and extensions can provide a similar dark mode experience.
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