How to Use the Same Footnote Twice in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide


Matthew Burleigh

Using the same footnote twice in Google Docs is a handy trick for anyone writing a research paper, essay, or report. It’s a simple process that allows you to reference the same source multiple times without cluttering your document with duplicate footnotes. After reading this article, you’ll be able to do it like a pro.

Step by Step Tutorial: Using the Same Footnote Twice in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming for. By using the same footnote multiple times, you maintain a clean and professional look in your document, while still giving proper credit to your sources.

Step 1: Insert the First Footnote

Click where you want the first footnote to appear and select ‘Insert Footnote’ from the ‘Insert’ menu.

After clicking ‘Insert Footnote,’ a number will appear in the text, and you’ll be taken to the bottom of the page to type your footnote. Make sure to format it according to your required citation style.

Step 2: Copy the Footnote Number

Now, highlight the footnote number in your text and copy it (Ctrl+C or Command+C).

Remember not to copy the entire footnote from the bottom of the page, just the small number that appears in the superscript in your main text.

Step 3: Paste the Footnote Number

Place your cursor where you want the second footnote to appear and paste the number (Ctrl+V or Command+V).

Pasting the number will create a second reference point in your text that links to the original footnote at the bottom of the page.

After completing these steps, both instances of the superscript number in your text will link to the same footnote at the bottom of the page. This allows for a tidy and efficient way to cite the same source multiple times.

Tips for Using the Same Footnote Twice in Google Docs

  • Make sure that repeating a footnote is acceptable in your citation style.
  • Always double-check that the pasted footnote number links back to the correct original footnote.
  • Keep footnotes concise to avoid overcrowding the bottom of your pages.
  • Use this method sparingly to avoid confusion for the reader.
  • Remember that each footnote should have a unique first occurrence in the text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this method to link to a footnote on a different page?

No, this method only works for footnotes on the same page.

When you copy and paste the footnote number, it links back to the original footnote on the same page. If you need to reference a footnote on a different page, you’ll need to insert a new footnote and reference the original in the text.

Will the footnotes stay linked if I edit the document?

Yes, the footnotes will remain linked as long as you don’t delete the original footnote.

If you edit the text around the footnotes or add more content, the links will stay intact. Just be careful not to delete the original footnote number.

What if I accidentally copy the entire footnote text instead of just the number?

You can easily undo this by pressing Ctrl+Z or Command+Z to undo the action.

Copying the entire footnote text will just paste the text and not link it back to the original footnote. Make sure you’re only copying the small superscript number in your main text.

Can I use this method in other word processing programs?

The method may vary slightly, but the concept is similar in other programs like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.

Each word processing program has its own way of handling footnotes, but the idea of copying the footnote reference and pasting it elsewhere generally applies across different programs.

Is there a limit to how many times I can repeat a footnote in Google Docs?

There is no set limit, but for the sake of clarity, try not to overdo it.

Using the same footnote multiple times is fine as long as it doesn’t confuse the reader. Always consider if repeating a footnote truly serves the purpose of your document.


  1. Insert the first footnote.
  2. Copy the footnote number.
  3. Paste the footnote number where needed.


Mastering the art of using the same footnote twice in Google Docs can save you time and keep your document looking sharp. It’s one of those small details that can make a big difference in the presentation of your work. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or professional, this technique is a valuable addition to your writing toolkit. Just remember to use it wisely and in accordance with your citation guidelines. Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and give it a try in your next Google Docs project. Happy writing!

Matthew Burleigh

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