How to Add Borders in Google Docs


Matthew Burleigh

Adding a border to your document in Google Docs can be a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get you started: open your Google Docs document, click on “Format” in the top menu, choose “Borders & lines”, select the border style, color, and width, then apply it to the desired part of your document. Don’t forget to save your changes to keep the border intact!

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve successfully added a border to your document, it’ll give your text a neat and structured appearance. Whether it’s for an assignment, a work report, or any other type of document, the border helps to draw attention and adds a touch of professionalism.


Adding a border in Google Docs can really make your document stand out, providing a clean and polished look. Whether you are a student looking to add a creative touch to your assignment, a professional aiming to make your report look more formal, or just someone trying to organize your document better, adding a border is a great choice. In the next sections, we will walk through the process step by step, explore the reasons why you might want to add a border, and discuss the pros and cons of doing so.

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Steps to Add a Border

  • Step 1: Open your Google Docs Document – Begin by opening the Google Docs document you want to add a border to. Make sure you are logged into your Google account and have the document ready.
  • Step 2: Click on “Format” – Once your document is open, look at the top menu and find the “Format” option. Click on it to open a dropdown menu.
  • Step 3: Choose “Borders & Lines” – In the dropdown menu under “Format”, you will see an option for “Borders & lines”. Select this to open the border options.
  • Step 4: Select Border Style, Color, and Width – Here, you can choose the style of your border, select a color that suits your document, and decide on the width of the border.
  • Step 5: Apply to Document – After you have made your selections, apply the border to the desired part of your document. This could be around text, an image, or the entire page.
  • Step 6: Save Changes – Don’t forget to save your changes! Click on the save icon or press “Ctrl + S” (or “Command + S” on a Mac) to ensure your border stays in place.

Why Add a Border?

A border can transform a plain document into something that looks much more professional and polished. It can highlight important information, make your document more visually appealing, and help to organize content. Whether it’s a report, an invitation, or a flyer, a border can add that extra touch that makes your document stand out.


  • Enhances Visual Appeal: A border can make your document look more attractive and engaging.
  • Adds Professionalism: For formal documents, a border can add a touch of professionalism.
  • Helps Organize Content: Borders can be used to separate and highlight different sections of your document.
  • Easy to Add: With Google Docs, adding a border is a quick and easy process.


  • Can Be Distracting: If not used properly, borders can be overwhelming and distract from the main content.
  • Limited Styles: Google Docs offers a variety of border styles, but it might not have everything you are looking for.
  • May Not Print Well: Depending on your printer settings and the complexity of the border, it might not print as expected.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that the steps to add a border might slightly vary depending on the version of Google Docs you are using and whether you are on a computer or mobile device. Always make sure your Google Docs application is updated to access the latest features and ensure a smooth process.

Summary – Adding Borders

  1. Ensure you’re logged into Google and open the document.
  2. Navigate to and select “Format” from the top menu.
  3. Find and click on “Borders & lines”.
  4. Choose your preferred border style, color, and width.
  5. Apply the border to the desired section of your document.
  6. Save your document to keep the border in place.


  1. Can I add a border to a specific part of the document? Yes, you can select the text or image you want to add a border around before following the steps.
  2. Is it possible to remove the border after adding it? Absolutely, just go back to the “Borders & lines” menu and choose the option to remove or adjust the border.
  3. Can I use custom colors for my border? Google Docs provides a variety of colors, but if you need a specific shade, you can customize it using the color picker.
  4. Will the border be visible when I print the document? Yes, as long as your printer settings are configured correctly, the border should print as it appears on the screen.
  5. Can I add borders to images within Google Docs? Yes, you can add borders to images by selecting the image and then following the same steps.


Adding a border in Google Docs is a simple yet effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your document, add a touch of professionalism, and help organize content. By following the straightforward steps outlined in this article, you can easily apply a border to your document and customize it to suit your needs. Remember the pros and cons, and use borders judiciously to ensure they complement rather than distract from your content.

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