How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide


Matthew Burleigh

Strikethrough in Google Docs is a handy way to cross out text that is no longer relevant, without completely deleting it. It’s super easy to do and only requires a few clicks. Whether you’re editing a document or collaborating with others, using strikethrough can help keep your work organized and clear.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Strikethrough in Google Docs

Before we jump into the steps, let’s understand why you might want to strikethrough text. It allows you to show changes, mark completed tasks, or visually communicate edits without removing text. Now, let’s get those words crossed out!

Step 1: Highlight the Text

First things first, you’ll need to highlight the text you want to strikethrough.

Once you’ve got your text selected, you’re halfway there. The highlighting part is crucial because it tells Google Docs exactly what text you want to apply the strikethrough to.

Step 2: Click on Format

Next up, navigate to the top menu and click on ‘Format’.

This is where all the magic happens. The Format menu is your gateway to a whole bunch of text editing options, including that precious strikethrough feature.

Step 3: Select “Text” and Then “Strikethrough”

After clicking on Format, hover over ‘Text’ and then select ‘Strikethrough’ from the dropdown menu.

And just like that, your selected text will now have a line running through it. It’s a simple as pie, right?

Once you’ve completed these steps, your selected text will appear crossed out. If you want to remove the strikethrough, just repeat the steps and uncheck the strikethrough option.

Tips for Strikethrough in Google Docs

  • Use keyboard shortcuts for a faster way to strikethrough text. On a PC, press Alt + Shift + 5, and on a Mac, press ⌘ + Shift + X.
  • If you’re collaborating on a document, strikethrough is a great way to suggest edits without altering the original text.
  • Remember that strikethrough text is still readable, so don’t use it to hide sensitive information.
  • You can also apply strikethrough to partial text within a cell if you’re working on a Google Sheets document.
  • Strikethrough can be used in conjunction with other formatting options like bold or italic for added emphasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use strikethrough in Google Docs on mobile?

Yes, you can use strikethrough in Google Docs on mobile. Just select your text and find the strikethrough option in the formatting menu.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Google Docs?

Indeed, there is! For PC users, it’s Alt + Shift + 5, and for Mac users, it’s ⌘ + Shift + X.

Can I strikethrough multiple sections of text at once?

Absolutely! Just highlight all the sections you want to strikethrough and follow the same steps.

How do I remove strikethrough formatting in Google Docs?

To remove strikethrough, just repeat the steps and deselect the strikethrough option.

Can I combine strikethrough with other text formats?

Yes, strikethrough works just fine with other text formats like bold, italic, and underline.


  1. Highlight the text you want to strikethrough.
  2. Click on the ‘Format’ option in the top menu.
  3. Select ‘Text’ and then ‘Strikethrough’ from the dropdown menu.


There you have it, a simple guide on how to strikethrough Google Docs. Whether you’re editing your own work or collaborating with a team, strikethrough is a nifty tool to visually communicate changes and edits without losing the original text. It’s straightforward, easy to use, and can make a big difference in keeping your documents tidy and organized. Plus, with the added bonus of keyboard shortcuts, you can zip through formatting with ease. So, the next time you’re working on a Google Doc and need to cross something out, remember these steps and strike away! Keep in mind, strikethrough isn’t just for fixing mistakes; it’s a great way to track progress or highlight adjustments. Give it a try and see how it can improve your workflow. Happy editing!

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