How to Make Horizontal Line Thicker in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide


Matthew Burleigh

Making horizontal lines thicker in Google Docs is a simple process that can add emphasis and style to your document. In less than a minute, you can turn a thin, barely noticeable line into a bold statement that separates sections or highlights important information.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Make Horizontal Line Thicker in Google Docs

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that these will help you adjust the thickness of your horizontal lines in your document, giving them more visibility and prominence.

Step 1: Insert a Horizontal Line

Click on the ‘Insert’ menu and select ‘Horizontal line’.

Inserting a horizontal line is the first step to making it thicker. You’ll find this option in the ‘Insert’ menu at the top of your Google Docs interface.

Step 2: Highlight the Line

Click on the line to highlight it.

Once your line is inserted, clicking on it will highlight it and allow you to modify its properties.

Step 3: Access the Border Width Option

Click on ‘Format’, go to ‘Borders and lines’, and select ‘Border width’.

Under the ‘Format’ menu, you will find options for modifying borders and lines. ‘Border width’ is the specific option that controls the thickness of your lines.

Step 4: Choose Your Desired Thickness

Select the thickness you want for your line from the options provided.

Google Docs offers several preset thicknesses for your lines. Choose one that suits the look you’re going for in your document.

Step 5: Apply the Changes

Click on the thickness option and the line on your document will change accordingly.

After selecting your desired thickness, the line in your document will instantly become thicker, providing a more pronounced visual break.

After completing these steps, your document will have a horizontal line with the thickness that best fits your needs and the overall aesthetic of your document.

Tips on Making Horizontal Line Thicker in Google Docs

  • Always make sure that the line is highlighted before trying to change its thickness.
  • If the presets don’t have the exact thickness you want, try using the ‘Custom’ option for more precise control.
  • Consider the overall design of your document; too thick a line can be overpowering if not balanced with the other elements.
  • Remember that the thicker the line, the more space it will take up on your page.
  • The thickness of your line can be adjusted at any time, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different widths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make the horizontal line thicker than the options provided?

Yes, use the ‘Custom’ option under ‘Border width’ to specify the exact thickness you need.

Will making the line thicker affect the formatting of my text?

It might. A thicker line may push text down the page, so you might need to adjust your layout accordingly.

Can I change the color of the horizontal line?

Absolutely. In addition to changing the thickness, you can also change the line’s color in the ‘Borders and lines’ menu.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to insert a horizontal line?

Yes, you can insert a horizontal line by typing three hyphens (—) and then pressing ‘Enter’.

Can I add a horizontal line in the mobile version of Google Docs?

Yes, you can insert and modify horizontal lines in the mobile app, but the options may be more limited than on desktop.


  1. Insert a horizontal line from the ‘Insert’ menu.
  2. Highlight the line by clicking on it.
  3. Access the ‘Border width’ option under ‘Format’.
  4. Choose your desired thickness.
  5. Apply the changes.


Mastering the art of making a horizontal line thicker in Google Docs can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your documents. It’s not just about creating a boundary or a break in the text; it’s about crafting a design element that complements and emphasizes your content. With a few simple clicks, you can transform a plain line into a bold statement that demands attention.

But why stop there? Play around with colors, line styles, and even placement to get the perfect look. Remember, your document is a reflection of your ideas and your style, so make sure it stands out. Whether you’re creating a report, a resume, or an invitation, a well-placed and well-styled horizontal line can make all the difference.

So, the next time you’re working on a document in Google Docs, don’t overlook the power of a simple line. Make it thicker, make it bolder, and make your document shine. And if you ever find yourself stuck, just come back to this guide on how to make horizontal line thicker in Google Docs – your quick and easy solution to a more stylish document.

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