How to Apply Superscript in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide


Matthew Burleigh

Applying superscript in Google Docs is a breeze once you know where to look. It’s a formatting feature that allows you to raise characters above the normal text line, which is particularly handy for mathematical equations, footnotes, and other annotations. To apply superscript in Google Docs, you simply highlight the text you want to change and use a quick keyboard shortcut or an option in the menu bar.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Apply Superscript in Google Docs

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that superscript is a text formatting tool that you can use to make text appear smaller and slightly above the regular text line. This can be useful for typing exponents, ordinal indicators, or for creating footnotes in a document.

Step 1: Highlight the Text

Start by selecting the text you want to convert to superscript.

Highlighting the text is crucial because it tells Google Docs exactly which characters you want to change. You can click and drag your mouse over the text or hold down the shift key while using the arrow keys to select the text.

Step 2: Use the Format Menu

Click on the “Format” menu in the toolbar, then hover over “Text” and select “Superscript”.

This is one of two methods to apply superscript in Google Docs. The Format menu is easy to find – it’s in the toolbar at the top of your document, between “Insert” and “Tools”.

Step 3: Use the Keyboard Shortcut

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + .’ (Cmd + . on Mac) to apply superscript to your highlighted text.

Keyboard shortcuts are a quick and efficient way to apply formatting like superscript without having to navigate through menus. Remembering this shortcut can save you time when working on your document.

After completing these steps, the selected text will be converted to superscript. It will appear smaller and slightly above the regular line of text, perfect for when you need to include mathematical expressions, annotations, or references.

Tips for Applying Superscript in Google Docs

  • If you want to undo the superscript formatting, simply highlight the superscript text and repeat the process. The text will revert back to normal.
  • You can also use subscript formatting in Google Docs, which makes text appear smaller and slightly below the regular text line. It’s found in the same menu as superscript.
  • Remember that superscript formatting may not be as clear when using smaller font sizes. Adjust your font size accordingly if the superscript text is difficult to read.
  • Some fonts may display superscript characters differently, so experiment with different fonts if you’re not happy with the way your superscript looks.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to speed up your work in Google Docs, so it’s worth learning them for other formatting tools as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply superscript to multiple parts of my document at once?

Yes, you can apply superscript to multiple parts of your document by highlighting all the sections you want to change before using the superscript function.

Does superscript formatting work on Google Docs mobile app?

Yes, the superscript function is also available on the Google Docs mobile app. The process is similar – just select your text and find the superscript option in the text formatting tools.

Can I use superscript in a Google Docs table?

Absolutely, you can apply superscript formatting to text within a table in Google Docs just as you would with normal text in your document.

Is there a limit to how much text I can convert to superscript?

There’s no set limit. You can convert as much text to superscript as needed within your document.

How do I remove superscript formatting?

To remove superscript formatting, highlight the superscript text and either use the Format menu or the same keyboard shortcut (‘Ctrl + .’ or ‘Cmd + .’ on Mac) to revert it back to normal text.


  1. Highlight the text you want to change to superscript.
  2. Click on the “Format” menu, hover over “Text”, and select “Superscript”.
  3. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + .’ or ‘Cmd + .’ on Mac.


In conclusion, applying superscript in Google Docs is a straightforward task that can greatly improve the readability and professionalism of your documents. Whether you’re a student typing up an assignment, a professional creating a report, or just someone who loves neat formatting, mastering the use of superscript is a handy skill. Remember, it’s all about highlighting the text and choosing the right option from the format menu or using a quick keyboard shortcut. With these tools at your disposal, there’s no limit to how polished your documents can look. So why not give it a try in your next Google Docs project?

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