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Creating a drawing in Google Docs is not as direct as it might seem, but it’s certainly possible and can add a unique touch to your document. To draw on Google Docs, you need to insert a drawing canvas first, then use the various drawing tools provided by Google to create your artwork. After you’ve finished, you can save and close the drawing to insert it into your document.

What Happens After Drawing on Google Docs?

Once you’ve completed your drawing and inserted it into your Google Docs document, you can click on it anytime to make adjustments or additions. You can resize the drawing, move it around, or go back into the editing mode to add more details. The drawing becomes a part of your document, just like any other text or image.


Google Docs is a versatile platform, known primarily for its text editing features. However, not everyone is aware that you can also draw directly in Google Docs, adding a personalized touch to your documents. Whether you want to sketch a quick diagram, create a flowchart, or just doodle, Google Docs provides you with the necessary tools. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to unlock your artistic potential within Google Docs.

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Step-by-Step Drawing Process

  • Step 1: Open Google Docs – Open Google Docs in your web browser and create a new document or open an existing one where you want to add your drawing.
  • Step 2: Insert Drawing – Click on “Insert” in the top menu, navigate to “Drawing,” and select “+ New.”
  • Step 3: Use the Drawing Tools – A pop-up window will appear with a canvas and drawing tools. Use the line, shape, text, or color-filling tools to create your drawing.
  • Step 4: Save and Close – Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, click “Save and Close” to insert the drawing into your document.
  • Step 5: Adjust as Needed – You can click on the inserted drawing to resize, move, or edit it further.

Why Draw on Google Docs?

Drawing directly in Google Docs can enhance your document by providing visual aids, which can be particularly helpful for educational materials, presentations, or just to add a bit of flair to your work. It’s a quick and convenient way to integrate simple diagrams or illustrations without having to use external software.


  • Convenience: Drawing in Google Docs is straightforward and doesn’t require additional software.
  • Integration: Your drawings are seamlessly integrated into your document.
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate on a drawing in real-time.
  • Accessibility: Your drawings are accessible from any device with internet access.


  • Limited Tools: Google Docs drawing tools are quite basic, which might be limiting for more complex artwork.
  • Not as User-Friendly: The drawing feature is not as user-friendly or intuitive as dedicated drawing software.
  • Potential for Clutter: Adding too many drawings can make your document appear cluttered.

Additional Information

Remember that the drawing feature in Google Docs is meant for simple illustrations and diagrams. If you require more advanced drawing tools, you might want to consider using Google Drawings or another graphic design software and then inserting the image into your document.

Summary – Drawing in Google Docs

  1. Navigate to Google Docs and either create a new document or open an existing one.
  2. From the top menu, select “Insert,” go to “Drawing,” and choose “+ New.”
  3. Utilize the provided drawing tools to create your artwork.
  4. Once you’re done, hit “Save and Close” to add the drawing to your document.
  5. Adjust the size and position of your drawing within the document as you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I edit my drawing after I’ve inserted it into the document? Yes, you can click on the drawing and select “Edit” to go back and make changes.

2. Are there any alternatives to drawing directly in Google Docs? Yes, you can use external software like Google Drawings and insert the image into your document.

3. Can multiple people work on a drawing at the same time? Yes, Google Docs allows real-time collaboration, including on drawings.

4. Is it possible to add color to my drawings? Yes, the drawing tool in Google Docs includes options to fill shapes with color.

5. Can I use the drawing feature on the mobile version of Google Docs? The drawing feature is best used on a desktop for optimal control and functionality.


Drawing in Google Docs might not replace a full-fledged graphic design software, but it certainly offers a convenient way to add simple illustrations and diagrams directly to your documents. Whether you’re creating educational content, collaborating on a project, or just adding a personal touch to your work, the drawing tool in Google Docs is a handy feature to know.

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